What Americans are afraid of in the age of Trump

By Christopher Ingraham

An elaborate Halloween display is put up in front of Matt Warshauer’s home every year in West Hartford, Conn., Oct. 11, 2017. (Monica Jorge/The Courant via AP)

Just in time for Halloween, Chapman University has released it’s fourth annual survey of American fears.

Among other things, the survey asks respondents how afraid they are of over 70 different scary subjects, running the gamut from spiders to medical bills to thermonuclear war.

Relative to last year, the list shows there’s been a shift in anxieties with the dawn of the Trump administration. “The 2017 list of fears clearly reflects political unrest and uncertainty in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president,” the study’s authors wrote.

Government corruption was tops on this year’s list, with 75 percent of respondents saying they were afraid of it, up from 61 percent last year. Beyond corruption people were most concerned about health care, North Korea and pollution, a reflection in part of the topics in the news when the survey was administered this spring.

Below you’ll find a chart comparing the complete lists of fears last year and this year. It’s long, so look it over and we’ll meet up at the bottom to discuss.

One thing to note about these numbers: The survey didn’t ask people to rate their fears against each other. They simply asked whether or not they were afraid of each item on the list.

Americans’ #2 fear wasn’t even on the list last year — Trumpcare. Over 55 percent of respondents said they were afraid or very afraid of the Trump administration’s attempts to repeal Obamacare. On the other hand, about 34 percent said they were afraid of Obamacare.

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